What's New!

What's New in WinSysClean X10

Version 20.0, Released: 26-Apr-2020.
Supported Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 2019 Server, 2016 Server, 2012 Server
64-bit Application

  • NEW Added Support for Windows 10 2020 Update
  • NEW Added Support for Google Chrome versions 68-80
  • NEW Added Support for Mozzila Firefox versions 60-75
  • NEW Added 788 new app cleaners, which brings the total app cleaners to 2284.
  • NEW Added System Restore Page where you can view, create and delete System Restore Points.
  • Updated 458 app cleaners.
  • Updated Database engine with newer version.
  • Updated UI controls with newer version.
  • Updated High DPI Scaling in Windows 10.
  • Improved High DPI Scaling in Windows 10.
  • Improved Installed App Detection.
  • Improved App cleaner detection of installed apps.
  • Improved Microsoft Office app cleaner.
  • Improved Installer.
  • Removed AdBlock function.
  • Removed 429 obsolete app cleaners for older version applications which are no longer used.
  • Removed Windows 7 Logon image changer.
  • Only 64-bit version of WinSysClean will be available. 32-bit Windows will no longer be supported by WinSysClean.
  • Windows 7 is no longer supported, WinSysClean will continue to run on Windows 7 but we no longer offer technical support for Windows 7.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Changelog for Older Versions