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HARDiNFO Key Features

Hardware Inventory, Computer Management, Benchmark and Network Monitor

Hardware Inventory

Get detailed system information about your PC hardware components and peripherals, like; CPU, Memory, Motherboard, Display Adapter, HDD/SSD Disk Drives, Monitor, Notebook Battery, Operating System Drivers and more.

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Computer Benchmark

Test your PC Performance with Advanced Benchmarks and compare the results online with other benchmarks. HARDiNFO can test the performance of your Display Adapter, CPU, Memory, SSD/HDD, USB Memory Sticks and more.

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System Monitor

Monitor your Computer hardware, services, processes, drivers, network and notebook battery. HARDiNFO includes an advanced Network Traffic monitor and Notebook Battery charge/discharge monitor to analyze the battery health.

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All-in-one System Information, Diagnostic and Benchmark

Over 4 million downloads and more than 15 years of experience in Windows System Tools.

HARDiNFO - Network Monitor HARDiNFO - Sysinfo and Benchmark HARDiNFO - CPU Info
Benchmark PC Computer

Test your PC Performance

HARDiNFO have one of the most advanced CPU benchmark on the market with real application simulations which includes all kind of application task types ranging from Office/Word/Excel to Photoshop, 3D CAD math calculations and AI Neural Network Simulations.

You also can compare your benchmark results with other results online.

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HARDiNFO Features

Award Winning Windows Sysinfo and Benchmark Tool Since 1998.

PC Sysinfo

Get detailed information about your computer hardware, like; CPU, Motherboard, Memory (RAM), Display Adapter, Monitor, Storage (HDD/SSD), peripherals and more.

Performance Benchmarks

Test your PC performance and compare it against other results online. HARDiNFO includes advanced CPU benchmark, storage HDD/SSD and 3D display adapter benchmark.

Export HTML Reports

Export detailed hardware information about your computer to text or HTML formatted reports which can be used for technical support or other maintenance purposes.

Advanced GUI

HARDiNFO displays the hardware information in well organized categories with high quality graphical representation of each hardware component for fast and easy understanding.

System Monitor

Monitor the CPU/Processor usage, with support for up to 128 cores, RAM Memory usage and Advanced Network traffic monitor. HARDiNFO also includes an Advanced Notebook battery monitor and analyzer.

PC HDD, SSD, CPU and 3D Benchmarks

SysInfo - See What's Inside Your PC

  • HARDiNFO Features

  • 64-bit System Information
  • 64-bit Hardware Benchmarks
  • Online Benchmark Comparsions
  • Home Use License
  • Export / Import Benchmark Results
  • Export HTML and TXT Reports
  • Notebook Battery Monitor
  • Live Network Monitor
  • 64-bit SSD Benchmark
  • Premium Support
  • Commercial / Business Use License

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Benchmark your PC with HARDiNFO Now!

See your PC performance and compare it with other results

  • View Hardware Info
  • Monitor your PC
  • View OS Configuration
  • Benchmark SSD/HDD
  • Benchmark CPU
  • Benchmark Video Card
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HARDiNFO Screenshots

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What Our Customers Say

Testimonials from some WinSysClean users.

It is very easy to use and understand!

I have tried all sysinfo tools
and I can say HARDiNFO is amazing,
you find all the hardware information
very fast and looks very nice.



A lot of information and well organized.

HARDiNFO displays comprehensive
information about PC hardware
components and peripherals,
and everything is well organized.



Spectacular and useful benchmarks!

I use the benchmarks from HARDiNFO
to optimize and tune-up my PCs,
they are extremly accurate compared to other tools.



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