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    For 64-bit Windows 10, 8, 7
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BitRaptor Key Features

Automatic Bitcoin/Crypto Currency Trading Bot with Machine Learning

Machine Learning

With thousands of trading simulations BitRaptor will learn each altcoin price movement and finds the best trading strategy by using the latest Machine Learning technologies. Each altcoin is different and needs a different trading strategy!

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Advanced Assisted Trading

BitRaptor supports manual assisted trading, you can assist the bot in automatic trading or the bot can assist you in the manual trading. You can buy or sell and let the bot continue for you while you sleep or you do something else.

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Trading Simulation

You can use live trading simulation without investing anything in order to see how it works or you can receive desktop and e-mail notifications for buy / sell orders and place the orders yourself on the exchange website.

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Recover your lost money or grow your Bitcoins exponentially!

With Advanced Machine Learning Trading and Automatic Profit Reinvest to Help Manage your Investments.

BitRaptor Order History BitRaptor Crypto Trading Bot BitRaptor - Bitcoin Trading Bot
Are you tired of losing money?

Are you tired of losing money?

BitRaptor can help you recover your lost money with crypto currency trading, using Machine Learning technology to learn the best trading strategy, monitoring and managing your investments continously 24/7 even while you sleep.
BitRaptor tries tens of thousands of strategies on altcoins history in order to detect and predict better the trend reversals which would take your hundreds of years to do in live trading.

* Please note that crypto currency trading is high risk high reward, so invest only the amount you are prepared to lose and don't invest in bear markets.

BitRaptor Features

Be ahead of everyone else with the most Advanced Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot.

Machine Learning™

BitRaptor uses advanced Machine Learning technology in order to find the best trading strategy for each currency by analyzing it's history.

Over 21,000 Strategies

BitRaptor simulates over 21,000 trading strategies with Machine Learning in order to find the best strategy with more wins and less loses.

E-Mail Notifications

It will keep you notified of buy and sell orders with Desktop popups and E-Mail notifications. It even notifies if there is an IP address change on your internet connection.

Connection fail-safe

BitRaptor continues to work even after a connection interruption or IP address change, it self monitors the bot engine and order processor and restarts them.

Smart Order Processor

The order processor is processing the orders in queue and always move the orders on top of buy or sell order books in order to get the best price.

Trading Simulator

Simulate trading without any risk and no real investments in order to see how the bot works. Switch between simulator and live trading at any time.

Advanced Risk Management

Automatic Reinvest of profits for exponential gains and reinvest less when a loss occurs. Also when there are no funds for an investement it just simulates the investment.

Unlimited Markets

Monitor and Trade automatically on multiple markets at the same time, BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

Detailed Logs

Full detailed text logs of all operations of the robot which are saved in separate files every day.

Data Encryption

For protection BitRaptor encrypts all the important settings like API keys and email password with advanced encryption.

Fully Automated

BitRaptor can work fully automated without user intervention, it learns all the settings and trades automatically.

Detailed Stats

Detailed statistics are displayed while BitRaptor is running, like total available BTC, actual profits and loss for each bot.

BitRaptor learns each currency pair!

  • BitRaptor uses Machine Learning to find the best trading parameters in order detect and predict trend reversals.
  • Learns from over 21,000 trading parameters.
  • This the first robot which learns trading instead of predicting the impossible.
  • It learns from the coin history and adapts itself.
  • You can choose the period from which to learn.
  • You don't need to try complicated settings, the robot finds the parameters automatically.
  • 1-click auto setup of parameters.
  • Each altcoin is different, so it uses different trading strategies for each pair.
  • BitRaptor can outperform even advanced traders with years of experience.

The Next Generation of Trading Robots!

Machine Learning Bitcoin Crypto Trading Robot
Bitcoin Crypto Trading Simulator

Are you tired of watching the charts every day and night?

Are you tired of trading?

Let BitRaptor monitor all the charts 24 hours/day for you,
it never gets tired!

  • Stop losing money while you sleep.
  • Monitor multiple markets at the same time.
  • Return to your normal life without stress.
  • Recover fast after a market crash.
  • Use assisted trading and let the bot continue with your investments.
  • You don't have to try strategies and complicated parameters.
  • Stay informed with the bot operations with e-mail notifications.
  • You can pause or exclude bots with pairs which are on down trend.
  • Win up to 1000% per month with some altcoins.

IMPORTANT!: There are regular market crashes every few days, which cannot be avoided. BitRaptor will try to do it's best to lose less than you would and it will win and recover as soon as the market is returning to normal. Also avoid altcoins which are on long term down trend. Assisted trading for advanced traders can help, but do not assist the bot if you don't know what you are doing.

How it Works

  • BitRaptor uses Bollinger Bands, EMA and RSI to detect and predict a possible trend reversal.
  • Uses Machine Learning to learn the movements from the coin history.
  • It automatically detects the best strategy and applies all the settings for each bot.
  • When all the buy indicators are on in the buy zone it places a buy order, if that does not happen then it waits for the next trend reversal zone.
  • For sell orders it waits for all the sell indicators and if the conditions are not met then it waits for the next trend reversal zone.
  • The buy and sell zone may be different for each altcoin, for some coins it chooses to buy when the price drops and for some when the price goes up.
  • Can work with larger investments because it does not make short 1-2% trades, it can go long for up to 200-300% in a single trade.

Buy / Sell Information

Are you tired of trading?

Assisted Trading

  • BitRaptor is user friendly and supports automatic trading combined with manual trading.
  • You can make an investment and let the robot sell it for you at the right time.
  • You can let the robot buy and you sell the investment when you want.
  • You can buy lower when the investments goes to negative and add it to the robot investment.
  • You can sell a part of the investment and the robot will automatically adjust it's investment to the available quote coins.
  • You can manually trade in the same exchange account without affecting the robot.

IMPORTANT!: It is not recommended to use assisted trading unless you have made a chart analysis and you know what you are doing. Also you need to be familiar with the robot and know how it's working.

BitRaptor is currently available only for larger investors.

WARNING: Crypto Currencies have a very high volatility, trading with crypto currencies is a high risk, so we cannot guarantee anything, use this software at your own risk. If you are not familiar with crypto currency trading maybe this tool is not for you. BitRaptor should be monitored as musch as possible including the buy and sell orders because of the connection instability of the exchange websites. Ultimate Systems is not responsible for any financial loss by using BitRaptor.